Explore the kingdom of Selesnia, bringing you a fantasy escape with rewarding gameplay, distincitive content, and some challenges that bested many. With it's unique features, players will be able to experience the MMORPG we all know and love in a new light, and with a nostalgic twist. Whether it be trottling through the harse climate of Snowmond to face the Divine Angel Ariel or into the bowels of the earth to try your luck against Teribus - you've come to the right place. Well, what are you waiting for?

  • Warrior Class
    The Warrior class in Selesnia is a melee fighter class that is able to deal and withstand high amounts of damage. They have a variety of melee damage dealing skills, and are the class with the most weapon options in the game. As the class with the highest amount of hit points, Warriors are able to draw attention from enemies, and apply debuffs on enemies while dealing damage.
  • Priest Class
    The Priest class is the only main support class in Selesnia which are able to heal both themselves and their companions. Their kit consists of supportive skills such as heals and buffs. As a mostly supportive class, their damage is far overshadowed by their impressive defense and invaluable support.
  • Archer Class
    The Archer class is a ranged damage dealing class in Selesnia. Archers specialize in dealing damage with quick attacks from their bows and arrow, often lanced with deadly debilitating poisons. Archers' high aim and evasion allow them to be both accurate and nimble, capable of dealing reckonable single target damage, as well as taking on large groups of enemies with poisoned arrows.
  • Mage Class
    The Mage class is a cast focused ranged magic damage dealing class that relies heavily on skills as their main source of damage. Mages specialize in taking on groups of enemies, and are well equipped crown control. Mages heal heavy damage but are often fragile and rely on support and crown control to aid their strengths and wipe out multiple enemies quickly.
  • Trickster Class
    The Trickster class is a mobile melee class in Selesnia which specializes in quick elimination of an enemy. Tricksters are equipped high single target damage which is utilized in combo with unique soul system. Tricksters are nimble and mobile, and hard to catch during a fight; they are an extremely dangerous assassin class.
  • Crusader Class
    The Crusader class is a hybrid melee blade wielding class that is able to cover a variety of roles in a party and solo dynamic. Crusaders utilize a special "Light Power" to channel magical attacks, which are coupled with multiple physical melee skills. Crusaders are extremely versatile in the range and types of skills they have in their arsenal, from melee attacks, to ranged spells, and can even heal and buff their allies.